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Hello Halle,

Thank you for responding so quickly. I think it is worth a try.

Most proper names seem to be recognized well, so this playback of names in the dictionary would be in the cases where they can’t get recognition of some names. It might be useful for them to hear something that might lead them to get better recognition. I agree that it not ideal to get the user to modify their pronounciation for the benefit of recognition, but in this case there might be a compelling motive for the user to do so. We use OpenEars to help users tag photos they are scanning with names either in their contacts or in their family tree.

Another aspect of this I have not mentioned was that we are also using OpenEars to support commands languages other than English. The way we do this is we transliterate words from other languages to sounds approximating English. For example, we have a command that allows the user to scan the back of a photo that might have some important notations on it, and we automatically join the front with the back. The normal command is ‘Capture’, but if the user says ‘Backscan’, we will associate the newly scanned image with the previous one. If the user selects German as their language, this command is ‘umdrehen’. In our app, we place this command in the dictionary as ‘OOMDRAYEN’, and generally we get good recognition. As you can image, this isn’t perfect so having the user have the ability to hear the transliteration may help with recognition. We also have these language commands in the cloud, so we can change them dynamically if we get a better transliteration. In our next version of the software, we will let the user override out transliteration in favor of their own.

We have dome some nifty things with OpenEars in our app. You can check it out at

Many thanks,