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Hey Halle –

Thanks for the response. There must be quite a few ‘false positives’ for hello focus, because it does go off “quite a bit” (ambiguous, I know) during conversation. That being said, to the extent that I’ve hunted for false positives, I had the app listening while I had some YouTube videos running and here are some of the phrases that triggered it :

“Go for it, Mr. Robbins”
“Shell of this Person”

Those are the only two phrases that I know for sure, but I can run some more tests and get back to you.

One thought that I had was maybe to identify as many of these ‘false positives’ that I can and add them to the grammar to be later ignored if triggered. It just doesn’t seem very scientific.

I know that this has been said before, but I am really looking to keep the spot-on hair-trigger recognition accuracy that I am achieving w/ RuleORama+RapidEars, yet get the exclusivity that I see happening w/ Rejecto.

Right now, I can only guarantee one or the other, depending on technology. I am trying to find a way to ensure both. Is that too much to ask? (wink, wink). I kid.

Thanks so much for your help and advice.