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I would also like to add that we are also using RuleORama to listen for “command phrases”. i.e. :
‘Text Halle’
‘Call Halle’

For the same reason as above, I have been using RuleORama for this task, because it nearly always hears the phrase and the whole phrase.

Where we running into problems is w/ false positives, just as in key phrase spotting. For example, if I say ‘Text Spaghetti Monster’ with the above grammar of only ‘Text Halle’ and ‘Call Halle’, it will match it to ‘Text Halle’.

This is really the missing piece of the puzzle for us, is trying to figure out how to get this listening technology more exclusionary. Right now, it is very forgiving in matching incoming audio to one of the entries in the grammar. I am looking to mimic the ability of Rejecto to throw away unwanted speech.

Again – any help that you can offer would be appreciated.