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Hi Halle,

As you told me, next step was to try on my devices. Same happened:

– I change my iPad language to English then my app uses the AcousticModelEnglish.
– Then I load 10 Spanish words on it.
– I start the viewController, first time ok.
– I start viewController again second time, app crashes. The same line like the simulator:

err = [lmGenerator generateLanguageModelFromArray:words withFilesNamed:@"AcousticModelEnglish" forAcousticModelAtPath:[OEAcousticModel pathToModel:voiceLanguage]];

If I use the AcosticModelSpanish and I load English words on it. No problem recreating the viewController as many times as I want.

Device: iPad mini 3 with iOS 9.2.1
Let me know if you need something from me to help you out and find the error.