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Halle Winkler

Super, I just wanted to check to make sure those weren’t potential issues. OK, since you mentioned two issues that are sort of general issues rather than a single acute issue, I can give some general advice about the order of applying the different tools.

1. Turn off Rejecto temporarily. Create a few test cases which demonstrate environments that users will experience, and find the most-optimal vadThreshold setting that seems to get you the closest to a good balance between rejection and recognition across these cases (the highest priority is that it doesn’t reject speech that you want to recognize, and a lower priority is that it can reject some of the incidental noise or speech that you do not want to recognize without rejecting speech you want).

2. Next, add Rejecto back in. If it rejects speech you want to keep, turn the weight down. If it doesn’t reject incidental speech or noise you think it should reject, turn the weight up. Change the weight in small intervals and retest so you can see your results.

3. RapidEars CPU settings don’t affect accuracy, they just affect polling rate, so you can set them to the lowest setting that feels “fast enough” for your UX and save some energy, or set it to the highest if nothing is more important than hypothesis speed. None of them are energy hogs, but of course it’s better to use the least CPU overhead you can get away with in your interface.

Let me know if this helps.