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Halle Winkler


You’re welcome!

my old Jabra Bluetooth headset works with WhatsApp. Also a simple Swift 2 program including

let string = "Hello World!"
let utterance = AVSpeechUtterance(string: string)
utterance.voice = AVSpeechSynthesisVoice(language: "en-US")
let synthesizer = AVSpeechSynthesizer()

is functional.

OK, but I think these are playback examples (maybe the Whatsapp example is recording?) while the logging shows an issue with recording only, so that’s really all we want to look into.

Generally, the option if you have a headset that you’d like to be able to support in your app and you can see it doing low-latency recording with another 3rd-party app, is that you can send me an example of the headset and I can investigate a bit more what is going on. Unfortunately given the range and expense of BT devices and the spotty compatibility with 3rd-party apps, it isn’t something where I can attempt to maintain a testbed or commit to support (or even very heavy troubleshooting) of any one device. But if you wanted to send it over, I’d be willing to look into it and see what’s going on, let me know.