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Halle Winkler

Greetings Laurent,

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to replicate the issue locally although I’ve been trying. Now I’m a bit confused that you say that [OEPocketsphinxController sharedInstance].legacy3rdPassMode = TRUE doesn’t affect it, since the issue in the logging shouldn’t be possible with that setting since it appears to be caused by an overly-long 3rd-pass search, and using legacy3rdPassMode with RapidEars turns 3rd-pass searches off. That suggests that it could be a local issue to your install.

When I examine your logs more closely, the Rejecto version linked is 2.5, but it looks like the RapidEars version linked is older than 2.5. I think that somehow your project is not really linking to the current version of RapidEars, though I believe you downloaded it – perhaps the linked version is in a different location from the downloaded version.

Can you do some troubleshooting of why the current version of RapidEars doesn’t seem to be linked to the project and then let me know whether you still have this issue? I’m currently at a dead end in demonstrating it in my own testbed and it could be due to linking to an old RapidEars version.

When you’ve successfully linked to RapidEars 2.5, there will be a line of logging in your OELogging output giving the version number of your RapidEars framework, right at the beginning. Thanks!