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Halle Winkler


1. Will pocketsphinx only recognize full names if my corpus contains only full names?

I think we already talked this one through in your previous question, but if we haven’t, clarify it a little more with reference to your previous questions so I can understand what differentiates it, thanks.

2. Does the fallback method utilize the lookup list in AcousticModelEnglish? i.e. Would an error in the English lookup list cause problems with the fallback method?

Sorry, the question is a bit outside of the scope of support here – make sure that you only add entries to the lookup list which are valid and in the alphabetically-correct position so there is no need to discuss acoustic model failure states. If your changes to the lookup list lead to functionality issues you should remove them.

3. If I duplicate (in the Finder) the AcousticModelEnglish.bundle, rename it to AcousticModelCustom.bundle, add it to my project and point the pathToModel method to the Custom bundle, would you expect that to work? Or, should I just modify the lookup list in the English bundle?

That should work fine.