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Halle Winkler


Thanks for letting me know you are also experiencing this – it is a high priority to fix but I haven’t had the same success reproducing it. I am currently trying to reproduce this from a submitted recording (I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it with a local recording which is a prerequisite for adding a test to prevent this generally). Is there any chance you could take a look at this post about replication cases with audio recordings and consider making me a recording to go with your sample app that reliably causes this when run with pathToTestFile?

Note that this requires a) installing the SaveThatWave demo, b) getting a complete audio dump of the session in which this happens, c) adding the audio file to your sample app code above by using pathToTestFile, and d) making sure that the issue replicates when you run the app, so we’ll know it will replicate for me as well. If possible, this would be extremely helpful towards fixing this issue faster.