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Halle Winkler


Thanks very much for taking the time. I ran your file and view controller code (on an iPhone 5S with 9.3.1) and the issue didn’t replicate for me yet – with which device do you reliably experience this result? Is there anything interesting about the device that could lead to it being more prone towards this result (hard to imagine, but maybe something like having lots of apps loaded, conceivably an audio app backgrounded, very little disk space available, jailbroken, anything of note)?

The logs are intriguing because it actually doesn’t look like there’s an utterance in progress at the time that it complains that there is. In the other report of this issue there is a slow search happening while stopping is being attempted, but in this one the hypothesis is received and it doesn’t even look like listening is resumed before the shutdown starts. I’m suspicious of that route change, which looks kind of extraneous and which also pops up in the other report right before the bad shutdown.