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Halle Winkler

Hi Konrad,

I added a test of these words to the German acoustic model testbed and they work (you can also verify that these phonemes are in the acoustic model if you’re very interested, by opening the acoustic model definition file AcousticModelGerman.bundle/mdef in a text editor since the supported phonemes are right near the top of the definition), so we should troubleshoot your implementation a little more and find out why it isn’t working for you.

Normally a complaint from OEPocketsphinxController about missing phonemes would suggest that either the language model is being generated using the German acoustic model but actual listening is instead being started using the English acoustic model, or that the files within the model have been changed. You can let me know which is more likely and we can start looking into it from there.

By the way, in case it is helpful to you, it is not necessary to capitalize the words – OpenEars can now handle lowercase or mixed-case as well as uppercase.