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Thank you for your help :)
I did indeed miss that the model, when it’s used again lower in the file.
Maybe you could set it as a variable in the example code, so it’s clearer we use it multiple times?

Now that german&english recognition is working, it kind of recognizes sound all the time, even very low volume sounds like breathing or a car driving by moves it into recognition mode.
I assume my use-case will be rather quiet places with users speaking in normal voice, is there some way I can increase the volume threshhold that starts the recognition?

Even with Rejecto (which I’d be happy to buy) it often doesn’t detect when I say something, since it’s still in the middle of recognizing the ‘mouse-click’ that happened 0.5s before.

In the languages section you also mention a ‘vadThreshold’ value, but when I search for this in the project nothing comes up.

Thank you for providing such interesting software, when in absolutely quiet space (me sitting still & not breathing loudly) the english recognition already works 9/10 times.
Using ‘german’ and only the words ‘open’/’unten’/’links’/’rechts’ It fails to detect 50% of the ‘links’ and often confuses ‘oben’ and ‘unten’. Maybe the language model is not as good?