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Halle Winkler


OK, I’d probably recommend that you troubleshoot basic functionality issues like this without n-best, and turn it on at the end when everything else is working, only if you discover in testing that it is helpful to the enduser in some way. It’s relatively uncommon that it is used in shipping applications.

If you have future questions, make sure not to edit anything out of the OELogging output like in the excerpt above.

What the errors mean is that there is an incompatibility between the bluetooth device and Apple’s low-level audio API causing a silent failure, which happens sometimes and is the reason that OpenEars’ bluetooth support is experimental – I don’t have any input into Apple’s API or how hardware manufacturers implement their bluetooth devices, so I can’t offer a lot of support with those issues. The one thing I can suggest is that since OpenEars 2.052, it is possible to turn off setting the preferred sample rate, the preferred buffer size, and the preferred number of channels, and it can be the case that the incompatibility is with one of those three settings. So, I would try disabling them in sequence and possibly all together and see if that helps. More information on that is in the OEPocketsphinxController documentation. The FAQ has some info about audio issues so it is probably worth checking out: