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Halle Winkler


I feel like it would be a generally good idea to set aside a few minutes to give a quick read through the docs for the OpenEars classes you are using, because the info I’m writing here about disabling the preferred settings for bluetooth results improvement is in there, as well as more related options which might help you troubleshoot on your own once you’ve seen them. A bigger issue it will help with is that this code is out of order and will invisibly affect your results with the disabling properties you are calling:

OEPocketsphinxController.sharedInstance().disablePreferredSampleRate = true
OEPocketsphinxController.sharedInstance().disablePreferredBufferSize = true
do {
   try OEPocketsphinxController.sharedInstance().setActive(true)
} catch {

and it would be my preference to give more help after you’ve had a look and had a chance to see why, since that’s also in the docs and it’s the same explanation by the same author as would potentially be re-written in this post :) .

Once you can fix that up and narrow down which of those two properties is really taking effect, and maybe after you’ve seen what your results are with the other available overrides listed in the docs that you’ll learn about, show me your new initialization code and let’s come back to the loudness issue if it is still happening.