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Halle Winkler

What should happen, if everything on the device and Apple side is working according to its documented behavior, is that it will be upsampled automatically in the render callback buffer even if the preferred rate is unsettable or overridden. However, this will not add any information to the audio data (nothing will, and it might also be compressed when it first comes into the callback for a further information reduction), and IIRC it may also result in the overall volume of the buffered data being reduced. So, to a certain extent, I would say that the results may not be the preferred outcome but may be as expected – I’m afraid that ultimately the issue probably doesn’t originate in the engine but is just manifesting there. It is also not necessarily the case that the device and/or the audio API are working according to their documented behavior, which is why bluetooth is only supported experimentally. Sorry I can’t help out more with this.

Edit: however, since there could be a change in volume due to sampling rate change, please make sure that your not-great results aren’t due to a need to adjust the vadThreshold and/or Rejecto weighting (if used, and only after clarifying vadThreshold setting) in one direction or the other. Otherwise, definitely no other thoughts.