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Halle Winkler

OK, this may be more what you are intending:

NSDictionary *grammarOpening = @{
    ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[
        @{ ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[@"TODAYS"]},
        @{ ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[@"DATE"]},
        @{ ThisWillBeSaidOnce : @[@"IS"]}

Wrapping the entire ruleset in optional repetitions doesn’t do anything on the outside of the ruleset (it’s a given that the whole ruleset may be used more than one time) but it can probably lead to some unexpected outcomes, even more so with RuleORama which doesn’t support it as a tag (this can be seen in the logging if you turn it on). Is this grammar for use with stock OpenEars or with RuleORama?

BTW, you can use lowercase/mixed case and apostrophes with OpenEars if you want to.