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Ah, I see. That makes sense. So my usage model is going to be recording a snippet using the iPhone mic and then passing the recording to runRecognitionOnWavFileAtPath. When I set up the AVAudioRecorder I am using the following setup:

// Define the recorder setting
NSMutableDictionary *recordSetting = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[recordSetting setValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:kAudioFormatLinearPCM] forKey:AVFormatIDKey];
[recordSetting setValue:[NSNumber numberWithFloat:16000.0] forKey:AVSampleRateKey];
[recordSetting setValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt: 1] forKey:AVNumberOfChannelsKey];

// Initiate and prepare the recorder
NSError *error = nil;
recorder = [[AVAudioRecorder alloc] initWithURL:outputFileURL settings:recordSetting error:&error];

Will this produce a file of the proper format for OpenEars or do I need to do some other conversion?