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Hi, I too was noticing the 10 second delay in my App but after your latest update that issue is resolved. However now I am noticing some other strange issues, and was wondering if you could check to see if your 2.504 version experiences anything like it. Keep in mind that I haven’t touched this application in a while, until the error with the 10 second delay, so these issues could be related to new iOS releases and not OpenEars.

1.) My application uses background audio which allows it to play when minimized or screen dimmed. Now, if I minimize my application and try to play video or audio from a different application, it used to stop my App audio playback and switch over to their application. Now certain applications, like playing a regular recorded Video inside of the default Photos application on iPhone will not work at all. The play button does not function. Curiously, the only way for me to get the Photos application working again is to launch Pandora, which seems to wake up the audio/video processes again. If I then go back to my OpenEars enabled app, play audio, and minimize, the same playback issue is replicated. Could certainly be a problem with how I am handling background services, but I thought I’d ask and see if you are noticing anything similar in your latest version.

2.) My Apps audio playback will be silent after stopListen unless I pause, clear queue, add audio, then pause it again, then try audio playback again. It’s very strange.. I wrote this code a long time ago, and it’s messy, so it could easily be a bug in my logic which I am looking into. This is probably my problem, not yours, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

My Application is a choose your own adventure audio book. So it plays an mp3, waits for you to respond with a voice command, and then plays the next section.