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Halle Winkler


Can you test the following potential fix for this:

1. In the RapidEars framework’s header file OEEventsObserver+RapidEars.h, can you look for the line:

@interface OEEventsObserver (RapidEars) <OEEventsObserverDelegate>

And right after it, paste in the following lines:


@protocol OEEventsObserverRapidEarsDelegate <OEEventsObserverDelegate>

And then in your Swift class, where you have implemented this line importing the OEEventsObserverDelegate protocol (this may not be a view controller in your app; the class name and inheritance is unimportant but the importing of the delegate protocol OEEventsObserverDelegate is important):

class ViewController: UIViewController, OEEventsObserverDelegate {

Change the imported delegate protocols to this:

class ViewController: UIViewController, OEEventsObserverDelegate, OEEventsObserverRapidEarsDelegate {

and let me know if you are now receiving the results of the RapidEars delegate callbacks?