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Halle Winkler


A few things to clarify:

• it is of course completely fine if you don’t want to use RuleORama, which is the reason I asked first if it was OK for you. This is not an upsell – my question was because there is no easier time to try it out then right after you have set up a grammar, and if you wanted to hear all the options, this was the most convenient moment to explore that one and any other timing will be less convenient because we will be changing from a grammar to a language model afterwards. My intention was to explain to you how to add it to your existing project if you agreed to try it out. It is fine with me either to skip it or to take time to get it working.

• This is too unconstructive for me while I’m working hard to give you fast and helpful support for an unsupported language, and I’d appreciate it if you’d consider that we both have stresses in this process: “I relaize the RuleORama-demo is again not useful after download – and I feel that I loose trememdeous amount of time just to set up these demo-projects. Also, your manual contains ObjC-Code under the Swift3 chapter – which is not something pleasant either.” I disagree with you about the origin of the issues in this case, but more importantly, I just don’t want to proceed with this tone, which also seemed to come up due to my trying hard to remove all the unknown variables from our troubleshooting process, and I’m likely to choose to close the question if it is an ongoing thing even though we’ve both invested time in it. You don’t have to agree, but I don’t want you to be surprised if I close this discussion for this reason.

• I want to warn you here that it is possible there is no great solution because this is an unsupported language, so that you have enough info to know whether to invest more time. I am happy to help, and I have some theories about how we might be able to make this work, but not every question has a perfect answer.

That all said, I just noticed from your RuleORama install that there is something we need to fix in both installs, which is that in both cases the logging is being called too late to log the results of generating the language model or grammar. Can you move these:

OELogging.startOpenEarsLogging() //Uncomment to receive full OpenEars logging in case of any unexpected results.
OEPocketsphinxController.sharedInstance().verbosePocketSphinx = true

To run right after super.viewDidLoad() and share the logging output from both projects?