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Halle Winkler

Regarding your Rejecto results: you can now pick whichever one of them is better and experiment with raising or reducing the value withWeight in this line (lowest possible value is 0.1 and largest possible value is 1.9):

let err: Error! = lmGenerator.generateRejectingLanguageModel(from: words, withFilesNamed: fileName, withOptionalExclusions: nil, usingVowelsOnly: false, withWeight: 1.0, forAcousticModelAtPath: OEAcousticModel.path(toModel: accusticModelName))

What does the symbol “@” represent in the LookupList.text ? (the double-ee’s and double-ii’s I can somehow intereprete but what does “@” really mean ?)

It represents the phone sound in Hochdeutsch which is represented by the IPA ə. This is getting outside of the things I support here but there should be enough info in that explanation for you to find sources outside of these forums to continue your investigation if you continue to have questions.

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