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Halle Winkler

OK, there should be no issue running the Swift app or following the tutorial with Xcode 9, so I would start by establishing why you can’t compile the sample app, which should be possible to compile and run right after downloading. I’m going to suggest the theory that something has been unintentionally changed in the downloaded distribution, and recommend that you remove all of your work (back it up first) and download an entirely new OpenEars distribution from to a new location, and start by compiling the sample app. If this works, start again with the tutorial with a new app, taking extra time with the first part of step 1. I don’t recommend continuing trying to troubleshoot the existing tutorial implementation app since the issue with the sample app makes it sound like an accidental issue of some kind and not something direct to troubleshoot, and it may also be the case that there have been further changes in the troubleshooting process.