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Hi Halle,

Thanks for the response. I have looked into the OELogging documentations. However, I having trouble getting the method startOpenEarsLogging() to be called successfully. My app is developed in Xamarin and I am having difficulty with binding OELogging -> (id) startOpenEarsLogging() method into a C# equivalent method. I have googled Objective-C “id” type and its C# equivalent, but I didn’t find much.

Currently, I have binding codes as follow:

// @interface OELogging : NSObject
interface OELogging
// @optional -(id)startOpenEarsLogging;
NSObject StartOpenEarsLogging();

That compiles fine, but when I call the StartOpenEarsLoggin() mthod, it throws an Object-C NSInvalidArgumentException.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks again!