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Halle Winkler

Thank you for confirming with me that the issue is not with the sample app, that would have started a huge round of re-testing.

OK, there are a couple of possibilities. The first possibility is that your version of Xcode is too old or you are compiling with GCC rather than LLVM. The only fix for this is to use a recent Xcode and to use LLVM. The other possibility is that there is a problem with your integration into your app (I think this is more likely) so please just do the regular steps of turning on OpenEarsLogging and turning on verbosePocketSphinx and posting the output here. It’s very likely that your acoustic model simply wasn’t moved into your app and you are getting a crash when speech is attempted to be detected and there is no acoustic model, but this will be shown as an error in OpenEarsLogging so please turn it on.