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Halle Winkler

Just for clarity’s sake, having an arm64 slice isn’t necessary in order to support those devices, just to support them with 64-bit width. To create apps for arm64 devices that run 32-bit code, it is only necessary to remove arm64 from the architectures entry in your Xcode build settings. There are many libraries which either don’t have a 64-bit version out yet because (like OpenEars) they couldn’t test against the Simulator and aren’t based in the US so couldn’t take advantage of greater supplies of the 5S, or may not for a long time since iOS isn’t one of their important build targets or they don’t want to drop support for older iOS versions (this is an issue for me, since defaulting to arm64 support will mean cutting off two entire major versions that I otherwise have decided to support).

But as I said, I appreciate that everyone wants to support arm64 soon and I do as well.