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No argument here. I’m sure every project will be different. Here were my stats:

Main app source:
400+ source files
~170k LOC

COTS library to support real-time video streaming decoding (I have to compile this on my own):
Thousands of source files
??? LOC. Easily 400k+ LOC

I didn’t find any issues with the wider bit definitions for integers, etc. In fact I could have just done a recompile and left the hundreds of warnings in place and the app worked perfectly. The majority of the time spent was cleaning up the warnings (mostly NSInteger casting).

Now, if you are doing some intense bit shifting work where you need to detect the end of the 32-bit register, then I could see where moving to 64 might cause you some headaches.

Hopefully it won’t be too bad for you; I’m sure every project will have a different experience.

Good luck! (and I’m eagerly anticipating arm64 support :)