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Halle Winkler

There are a lot of things here that are an issue. updateLevelsUI in the sample app is just intended to be a way to show how you can read the read-only levels property on a separate thread so it doesn’t block. It is called many times a second. That means that your slider/volume code is being continuously hit whether it is being interacted with or not as the method just tries to read the read-only flite level property and display it in the UI, and it also means that your volume is being changed from the thread that the AVAudioPlayer it addresses is definitely not on. I would first totally uncouple your volume changing/volume slider code from the UI updating example that is in the sample app. You should be able to change the volume and update your UI whose purpose is changing the volume on mainThread in a normal method which returns IBAction and which only is concerned with letting the user change the volume. The updateUI method can continue to just handle reading the level and displaying it in the UI.

If the “Welcome to OpenEars” statement continues to be played at unexpected times after that, that probably means that something in the code is causing an interruption that causes the entire listening loop to be reset, resulting in pocketsphinxDidCompleteCalibration being called, which in the sample app results in “Welcome to OpenEars” being spoken.