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Halle Winkler

Interesting. We know that there isn’t an inherent conflict between a class inheriting the delegate protocols of OpenEarsEventsObserver and AVAudioPlayer because FliteController inherits the delegate protocols of both. But I don’t think your interpretation is offbase because there is a lot going on there — the recognition audio unit, FliteController’s audio and its callbacks, and your audio and its callbacks.

Do you want to show me some logs featuring OpenEarsLogging and verbosePocketSphinx for the timeframe in which this is occurring? Maybe there are some hints.

Something to just double-check is that a lot of AVAudioPlayer sample code contains unneeded calls to AVAudioSession and a lot of developers who asked me about similar issues found calls to the audio session in their code that were responsible. It might be worth a quick project-wide search for “audiosession” without case matching to make sure that some audio session overrides didn’t sneak in there.