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Hi Halle,

There will be some beta testing in the field of one app we are developing that integrates OpenEars and will use headsets. The app I was working on is the HiLO Lens app – that is already available in the App Store. I’ve not had feedback on behavior with headsets yet for HiLO Lens.

My use case is control of the camera. In that scenario I think your defaults make sense.

If open ears is going to be an ideal citizen then it probably needs to check what the audio setup is prior to re-routing it. So if the app is using the headset then use the headset but if the headset is not being used then don’t use it. I’m trying to think of an example – how about bluetooth audio in a car – we want the phone calls routed to the car audio but not confirmation noises made by an app.

Your approach of KISS and let the hackers make changes is a good one I think. Keeping the entry barrier as low as possible is more important.