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Ok, yes I thought I was using Rejecto but I was not yet using anything in that area.
So I think this is just OpenEars.
This happens after the first hypothesis. Once I got “STOP” “LEFT” “STOP” “GO” “STOP” from just saying “STOP” once

Anything wrong with the way the grammar and dictionary are setup?
NSArray *words = @[@”LEFT”,@”RIGHT”,@”GO”,@”STOP”,@”FINISH”,@”KILL”];
NSString *name = @”commandLanguageModelFile.languagemodel”;
NSError *error = [lmGenerator generateLanguageModelFromArray:words withFilesNamed:name];

NSDictionary *languageGeneratorResults = nil;

if ([error code] == noErr)
languageGeneratorResults = [error userInfo];
self.pathToDynamicallyGeneratedGrammar = [languageGeneratorResults objectForKey:@”LMPath”];
self.pathToDynamicallyGeneratedDictionary = [languageGeneratorResults objectForKey:@”DictionaryPath”];

[self startListening];
NSLog(@”Error: %@”,[error localizedDescription]);