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Halle Winkler

Hi Uli,

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough — AudioSessionManager is just a class of OpenEars. It is a class which usually is only interacted with internally by other OpenEars classes so I don’t like to encourage developers to send messages to it directly, since under normal circumstances it should “just work” and not need any attention from the developer (which also means that interacting with it a lot is likely to lead to causing issues rather than fixing them). However, in this case there is a part of the OpenEars API that you actually can use to tell the AudioSessionManager directly to mix in other system sounds or music with the OpenEars audio session, so I’m just suggesting that you use it and see if it gives you the functionality you want. Since it’s part of OpenEars you don’t have to worry that it accesses any private frameworks or anything like that, it’s completely OK to use.

If it isn’t enough to just add this line:

[AudioSessionManager sharedAudioSessionManager].soundMixing = TRUE;

You may also have to import the class into your implementation like so:

#import <OpenEars/AudioSessionManager.h>