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Halle Winkler


OK, the amount of help I can give with this is a bit limited, because it isn’t so much about OpenEars as it is about more general getting started issues. For general iOS development questions it’s important to find a group and connections where you can get those kinds of answers as you progress. But I have a couple of recommendations which might help.

To start with, you are adding the tutorial code to the application delegate. That’s the origin of the confusion about the viewDidLoad method — the app delegate is not a view controller so it doesn’t have a viewDidLoad or similar view loading method. Generally, you shouldn’t ever be adding code to the app delegate unless you have a very specific rationale for putting it there. Cocoa Touch enforces the MVC pattern, which means that you are creating view controllers which have views, and the tutorial is written for the code to be added to a view controller. Any app type that Xcode creates will have a view controller in it as well, so look for that and you’ll find viewDidLoad.

The instruction that is causing confusion is as follows:

Inside your downloaded OpenEars distribution there is a folder called “Frameworks”. Drag that folder into your app project in Xcode. Make absolutely sure that in the add dialog “Create groups for any added folders” is selected and NOT “Create folder references for any added folders” because the wrong setting here will prevent your app from working.

So, it says to find the folder called “Frameworks” and drag that entire folder from the Finder into your app project. When you’ve done that, you will see the add dialog that is referred to in the instruction, and the settings in the add dialog that are described in the instruction. This dialog appears any time any file or folder is added to an Xcode project.