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Halle Winkler

No problem. There is another potential complication that isn’t immediately obvious but that I’ve been trying to make a point of mentioning more frequently here, which is that a lot of developers specify apps with the idea that the device can be pretty far away from the user, but this actually gives the device speech recognition task an additional disadvantage that a desktop speech recognition application would be unlikely to have: a big mismatch between the design of the available microphone and the use that is being made of it. You can even see this with Siri if you open Notes and do dictation from a distance; return time from the server will get slower and accuracy will decrease because the iPhone mic is designed to be spoken directly into and to reject “background noise” which might be your user if they are far enough away and there are competitive sounds.

This isn’t as big a deal with command and control language models/grammars, but as soon as you’re past 20 words or so you can start to see an impact. So another approach is to see if you can educate your users to not put too much distance between themselves and the device during app use.