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nvrtd frst

I might check this out by first writing a _really_ simple app that does nothing but set up a VPIO

I would actually like nothing more than to do away with remoteIO completely and just use VPIO if not for the volume thing. I would love to do your suggestion, but my core audio is mediocre at best, so it would be hard for me to even build a simple core audio app (but I will try!). Any tips on general steps would be helpful!

Does it help if you give whatever you are playing back an explicit volume level?

I could try to give an explicit volume level, but I’m not sure how to do this in the low level core audio stuff. I only know how to do this with the high level AVAudio APIs.

Are things quieter with echo cancellation on, or whether it’s on or off?

There is a audioUnitProperty kAUVoiceIOProperty_BypassVoiceProcessing that supposedly bypasses echo cancellation while in VPIO, but things are still quiet regardless of this. Is that what you mean?

Good to know, this [VPIO] should probably be reexamined.

Please do soon!!!