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Halle, the reason I ask is because I’m finding a weird bug as I move my app to iOS 7. To give some background, I made changes to the OpenEars classes that would allow my app to start pocketSphinxController in RemoteIO audioUnitSubtype or VPIO audioUnitSubtype. In the app, I could dealloc the pocketSphinxController instance and reinstantiate pocketSphinxController in another audioUnitSubtype dynamically.

This would work fine in iOS 6. While a user was in app, they could switch from VPIO to listening in RemoteIO mode and back.

However when the same app now loaded in iOS 7, the user will set the variable to switch from VPIO to remoteIO but it seems to stay in VPIO mode despite all the variables being passed correctly. I know it is being passed correctly because if they app is then terminated and restarted, it will be in RemoteIO mode.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Basically what I’m saying is that in iOS6 the same code allows users to switch between VPIO and RemoteIO seemlessly, and yet when loaded on iOS7 it will only switch if you terminate the app and restart it.

Thoughts? Is there any OpenEars classes that remain on the stack whenever a pocketSphinxController instance is dealloced and reinstantiated? Any help at all would be appreciated. I hope that this isn’t just some random iOS 7 bug in Core Audio…

Using OpenEars 1.5.2.