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Halle Winkler

I’ve never thought about this task so this is not coming from a position of experience with it, but if the maximum is (for instance) 999,999 this seems to me that it would need [0-9], a set of tens incrementing by ten going up to “90”, a set of hundreds incrementing by 100 going up to “900”, and a set of thousands incrementing by 1000 going up to “9000”, so a model with a base set of 40 unigrams which have equal probability of being found in a particular bigram or trigram. Out of that you can make 999,999 with the available words “nine hundred”, “ninety” “nine thousand” “nine hundred” “ninety” “nine”. It seems that interpreting this back into digits should be possible to construct a ruleset for since there are only a few variations on correct statement of a number in English. I can also see why you would want a grammar, however, to have a rules-based recognition that you can be more confident about processing backwards into digits.