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What I meant was, when the hypothesis is calculated, will it allow for given phrases to be recombined — I figured out that the answer is “only if i want them to be”

I spent the day changing over to JSGF, and I believe that overall, it works significantly worse than the ARPA model. The accuracy is actually worse, and the processing takes 8-10 times as long. Even if the accuracy were perfect, the duration of the processing rules it out for me. Also, when I test it on an iPod Touch 4G, I get a memory warning right about the time pocket sphinx begins calibrating. I already simplified my grammar as much as possible. So now I am going back to ARPA and I am facing the same problem I had when I started this thread: Cleaning up the hypothesis of phrases that weren’t included in the grammar. I don’t know if I’ll be able to complete my project with satisfactory results using post-processing method, but unless you can offer me additional tips, I believe that it may be my last shot at getting this thing to work.

Thanks so much for your help