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Hi Halle:

First of all, thank you for all of your work on OpenEars, etc. I am working on the prototype application now and anticipate buying it within a month (not sure which pieces yet). It must feel good to get the latest version out.

The basic idea I am going for is an ability to interrupt the playback of the audio by voice and issue a command to the application.

Imagine playing back music in Itunes on my phone. Manually, I can stop playback, switch to another song, or otherwise control iTunes at any point. If I want *only* voice control, I have to wait for the current song to finish and then prompt the user for a voice command. I can always manually interrupt the application somehow and then prompt the user but I’m aiming for complete audio control except starting the app. The need for this comes in for times where manual operation is less desirable – walking, running, driving, coding with my hands on my keyboard, etc.

I haven’t finished testing the exactly how I will be playing the audio but the audio will be retrieved in a file from a url (perhaps cached locally). At this time, I will likely only be playing on file at a time, in sequence, however I might have a need for some mixing of audio streams prior to playback.

I can move ahead with my application without this feature but it would be a great improvement in usability at some point.

I hope that helps clarify.