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So i try to get it work with UIImagePickerController, but when UIImagePickerController comes in play

LanguageModelGenerator *lmGenerator = [[LanguageModelGenerator alloc] init];

NSArray *words = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”START”, @”STOP”, @”HAVARD”, nil];
NSString *name = @”Mahadev”;
NSError *err = [lmGenerator generateLanguageModelFromArray:words withFilesNamed:name];
NSDictionary *languageGeneratorResults = nil;

lmPath = nil;
dicPath = nil;

if([err code] == noErr) {

languageGeneratorResults = [err userInfo];

lmPath = [languageGeneratorResults objectForKey:@”LMPath”];
dicPath = [languageGeneratorResults objectForKey:@”DictionaryPath”];

} else {
NSLog(@”Error: %@”,[err localizedDescription]);

upto this coding works fine but

[self.pocketsphinxController startListeningWithLanguageModelAtPath:lmPath dictionaryAtPath:dicPath languageModelIsJSGF:NO];

this method doesn’t trigger, so i do not get

– (void) pocketsphinxDidStartListening {
NSLog(@”Pocketsphinx is now listening.”);


If you can help me with this it will be awesome.

I know this is a messy kind of question, so feel free if you need more specifications.