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Halle Winkler


I’m going to edit the above so that it has all the other info from the mis-post in the instructions topic and then I will remove that post. Can you let me know what other audio or video processes (or other significant processes that could affect the audio session) are happening in these sections:

2013-10-22 08:22:12.058 baka[804:c07] ReStartd the Show
2013-10-22 08:22:12.059 baka[804:c07] iPhone or iPod Touch
2013-10-22 08:22:12.059 baka[804:c07] moving ima 5
2013-10-22 08:22:12.059 baka[804:c07] Cicking ——————- 10
2013-10-22 08:22:12.060 baka[804:450b] Listening.
2013-10-22 08:22:12.107 baka[804:c07] k after5 Notif

And what is the audio input device in use?

One last question about this:

>>>>>>>>>> I never returns from that >>>>>>>> Someone started a permanent noise or sound

Do you mean that the noise or sound is ongoing for the entire period in which no hypothesis gets returned? If the sound never stops and it is louder than the level that was calibrated as being speech, we can’t do anything about that since it means that the user has entered an environment in which recognition of their own speech is no longer possible due to conflicting noise at the same level as speech. But if the noise appears and then stops, and no end of speech is ever again detected, that would be a possible issue.