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In case anyone else is trying to do this, I got it to work!

First, the libs need the VoiceData files NOT in nested structure, I copied all the individual files into the Resources folder.  When the app builds, those files will all end up in the root of the app.  As a side, it makes the directory structure in the app kind of ugly, but anyways.

Secondly, probably due to the way rubymotion tries to figure out what to import, I couldn’t use the 2 frameworks separately.  Also, the number of header files made gen_bridge_metadata (the utiltiy for osx to figure out what’s in a framework) choke.

So, I reformed the framework, with just the 2 libraries (OpenEars, NeatSpeech), all the Header files from NeatSpeech (only 2) and whatever Headers I thought were important from OpenEars.  Obviously, I guessed the latter, but since I only want playback I picked: FliteController.h and FliteVoice.h.

Then, in the Rakefile:

app.vendor_project(‘vendor/OpenEars/OpenEarsNeatSpeech.framework’, :static, :products => [‘OpenEars’, ‘NeatSpeechDemo’], :headers_dir => ‘Headers’)

From there, it’s more simple.  The voice you want to add gets added as another separate framework:

app.vendor_project(‘vendor/OpenEars/Voices/Demo/Emma.framework’, :static, :products => [‘Emma’], :headers_dir => ‘Headers’)

And, then, the calls for the framework look more like Ruby:

@fc = FliteController.alloc.init

@voice = Emma.alloc.initWithPitch(0.0, speed:0.0, transform:0.0)


@fc.sayWithNeatSpeech(“I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone.”, withVoice:@voice)

Now, to see if it will fit my needs!