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Actually it turns out, there was a sendump file all along, but I didn’t recognise it for some reason – it was named “mixture_weights” :)

I’ve included it and now it .. kinda.. works.

It still crashes after few seconds.

In debugger I see a line: ” Project has these words in its dictionary: ” .. no words.

Before that:

The word ABANDONAN was not found in the dictionary …/
2013-01-10 15:26:16.567 OpenEarsSampleApp[3417:c07] Now using the fallback method to look up the word ABANDONAN
… (and the same about other words that were included in language array)…

Before that – I’ve added corresponding words (including ABANDONAN) in cmu07a.dic

But result is still the same – no words.

There is also this errror:

ERROR: “acmod.c”, line 91: Folder ‘../’ does not contain acoustic model definition ‘mdef’

But there is such a file added in bundle.