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Halle Winkler

If so, then if that date is earlier than hypothesis callback timestamp, I can safely suppose that they’re paired (the wave file with a given hypothesis)?

I would expect this assumption to be correct. It is difficult to imagine a circumstance under which a hypothesis will return before the wav is able to be written out. But you won’t always have a matching hypothesis for a WAV because not every hypothesis has content. You can decide what you’d like to do about those cases since it will vary from project to project.

Should I stop my saveThatWaveController on every detectFinishedSpeech/stopListening/suspendRecognition, or it will be stopped automatically (so the wasSaved will be invoked on every case )?

You should just leave it running; it will only do something when it has speech to save.

Sorry for this many question, but that wavWasSaved holds really no information about the content in it.

The only thing it knows about is the timestamp, since it isn’t bound to recognition, which is a positive thing because it means you can run it with recognition turned off in order to use OpenEars as a voice activity detector, or with n-best recognition on (many hypotheses for a single utterance, some of which are null) or when a null hypothesis is silently returned such as happens for the majority of hypotheses when using Rejecto. Although SaveThatWave works well with hypotheses, it saves all detected speech, not all non-null hypotheses.