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Note: this is an archived page which hasn’t been updated since 2011. Politepix no longer provides consultation. Please see for Politepix’s current products and for current information about the company and its owner. Legacy page continues below:

Welcome to my list of iOS apps available now on the iTunes App Store and a library which I have developed and designed. You can see my public profile at LinkedIn for a summary of the types of work I do, or get in touch via the Contact & Hire page.

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3 Numbers: A traveler’s multitool from the future of the past.

Type of app: paid. 3 Numbers is a traveler’s multitool for the iPhone with 6 different utilities. It offers a great deal of functionality (including the ability to export an expense-tracking CSV to a desktop without syncing) and two user interfaces, one a fantastic Steampunk throwback to the age of adventurous journeys, the other a sleek all-business look. Read more.

3 Numbers has made the #1 paid Travel ranking on several global iTunes stores and hit #16 on the US paid Travel section. It has been #4 on the Netherlands store Travel section. 3 Numbers has been profiled on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, iLounge, and has been a long-term favorite on design ranking site, among other press it has received.

WHAT THEY SAID iLounge: “…dressed up with richer golden tones, cogs, green buttons, and more ornate layouts. Most interesting is the app’s multi-functional approach…” TUAW: “…3 Numbers is more than just a pretty face, though. It has some unique features…”

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AllHours: Find the right time, every time, wherever they are

Type of app: paid. AllHours helps you plan the perfect time for your next conference call or virtual meeting with participants in other time zones, easily and with style. As you spin through times in one time zone, it simultaneously displays the concurrent time in two other time zones. Once a meeting time has been found, it can be emailed out to the participants or uploaded to a Google Calendar with optional invitations. Read more.

AllHours became an Apple Staff Pick on 11/11/10. It has made the #1 Business ranking on multiple global iTunes stores and made the top 50 Business apps on all the big 8 stores. It has been the 2nd-most-popular app across every category on the Netherlands store.

WHAT THEY SAID My Life Scoop: “…The AllHours app will show you three time zones at once, which can help in planning your next stop or calling someone in another country…” “…allows me to see up to three locations at once, and when I’ve agreed to a meeting time, I’m one click from having it added to my calendar.”

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AllEars: record your voice and email the recording, handsfree

Type of app: paid.
AllEars is a voice recording/voice recognition tool that lets you navigate up to 99 contacts using speech alone and then send a ‘Voice Email’ to the contact of your choice with only one tap, who will receive your recording as a cross-platform audio file. Read more.

AllEars executes the following application design goals:

  • Create an audio-only interface for the iPhone, in which all operations of the app (other than the preferences) can be initiated by voice alone, using spoken confirmation of commands, with no more than a single touch interaction required to complete tasks.
  • Frugal resource usage, both in its choice of Core Audio API and OpenGL ES for the UI, with an approximate average of 10% or less CPU usage when listening for speech on an iPhone 3G.
  • Intentionally simple visual design, with black as the dominant tone so it can be run for long periods of time with very minimal battery usage from screen display or GPU usage, and with large and clear iconography so its state can be easily registered from a distance.

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OpenEars: Shared-source speech recognition framework for iOS development

Type of project: iOS Library. OpenEars is an shared-source iOS library for implementing round-trip English language speech recognition and text-to-speech on the iPhone and iPad in any app, which uses the CMU Pocketsphinx and CMU Flite libraries. Read more.

OpenEars executes the following software design goals:

  • Continuous voice recognition on a managed background thread that uses less than 8% CPU on average on first-generation iPhone while listening,
  • The ability to instantly suspend and resume continuous recognition on demand,
  • The ability to easily choose between 8 voices for spoken feedback,
  • Extremely lightweight notifications class means the developer can receive and react to perceived speech from anywhere in the app with very little overhead,
  • Cocoa-standard static library projects for libraries for easy SDK and architecture re-targeting,
  • Management and notification of input changes and interruptions such as incoming calls,
  • Input/output decibel metering of the audio functions so it is ready for a UI.
  • The ability to interact with these features via simple Objective-C methods.

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