Rejecto: ignore speech that isn’t in your app’s vocabulary


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Rejecto is an out-of-vocabulary rejection plugin for OpenEars and OpenEars’ live speech recognition plugin RapidEars. It is sometimes the case, especially with small vocabularies, that Pocketsphinx will report unrelated words as being matches for its vocabulary. Rejecto adds an out-of-vocabulary rejection model that increases the probability that words which are not in your vocabulary will not be recognized as words which are in your vocabulary. It does this by listening for isolated speech sounds (phonemes, like “AH” and “K”) which do not map to the words you are actively listening for, and then rejecting recognitions in which they occur. License is for integration with one app (you can sell unlimited copies of the app). Before purchasing, please try out the free demo of Rejecto first (demo is identical to licensed version, but has different license terms and times out after a few minutes).

Shipping time: within 48 hours after receipt of payment.

This license comes with technical support via the free and public support forums. It does not come with private email technical support. Private email technical support can be purchased per-incident or as a support contract in the shop

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