Rejecto: stop recognition of words which aren’t in the vocabulary (demo version)



Rejecto is an out-of-vocabulary rejection plugin for OpenEars and OpenEars’ live speech recognition plugin RapidEars. It is sometimes the case, especially with small vocabularies, that Pocketsphinx will report unrelated words as being matches for its vocabulary. Rejecto adds an out-of-vocabulary rejection model that increases the probability that words which are not in your vocabulary will not be recognized as words which are in your vocabulary. It does this by listening for isolated speech sounds (phonemes, like “AH” and “K”) which do not map to the words you are actively listening for, and then rejecting recognitions in which they occur. This demo times out after 2 minutes of use and can’t be submitted to the App Store, and it will replace one of the Rejecto phonemes with a random phrase encouraging you to buy the plugin.

Shipping time: immediate download. You will not have to pay anything or provide any payment information in order to download it after selecting “Add to cart” and checking out.