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If you are purchasing a support incident, go ahead and send us your question (using the same email address that you made the purchase with) using our contact page, or just respond to the purchase confirmation email you receive. If you are purchasing a pre-configured app, use the contact page or respond to the purchase confirmation email in order to send us your configuration options as follows:

1. What is the earliest version of iOS you would like the application to support (app must support current version of iOS)?

2. Would you like the application to support ARC (requires supporting iOS no earlier than 4)?

3. Should the app be universal, iPhone-only, or iPad-only?

4. Which of the following application types would you like?

Master-detail application

OpenGL game

Page-based application

Single-view application

Tabbed application

Utility application

Empty application

5. What starter list of English words or phrases would you like your language model to be created from?