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    Hi Halle

    Thanks for you answer. It is very helpful.
    If I go for it, I will use RapidEars as response time is important to us.

    But before I dive into the water, I want to check with you some more points to see that I go in teh right direction

    Currently, there are about 200 items in the list. If the user looks, for example, for Chair, he starts typing c..h..a… and with every letter the list is shrunk. In this case the list is reduced to 4-5 items that contain the string “cha” in their name. There are several items that have the word Chair in them (Chair / Chair, Arm/ Porch chair, etc.) and there are also items that are not chairs just have the string cha in them. So, the user starts typing and when the list is shrunk to several items, he just taps on the right one.

    My main goal is to shrink the list of items by the voice recognition so that the user doesn’t need to type.

    I see it working this way: The users Says “Chair” and the VR will bring anything that has “Chair” (or similar word) in it. (I guess that in this case the smilarity will be by the sound and not by the letters). The list is then shrunk and the use taps on the required item.
    Is this something that fits your product?



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)