The OpenEars Platform

Introduction to the OpenEars™ Platform

This is a quick overview on the OpenEars™ Platform: the individual parts it is made up of, and how they come together to help you make awesome speech-recognition apps.

The OpenEars™ Framework


OpenEars™ is a free SDK for offline speech recognition and text-to-speech with great free support and lots of documentation, that lets you add speech recognition and TTS to your app in just five minutes using the Politepix Tutorial Tool. It is also a plugin platform that lets you drag-and-drop new speech features into your app using the Politepix OpenEars™ Plugins, and supports speech recognition in seven languages.

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The OpenEars 5-Minute Tutorial

The OpenEars™ Plugins


RapidEars is a plugin for OpenEars™ which adds the new ability to do real time speech recognition on in-progress speech for live voice recognition on the iPhone — no waiting for a pause in speech before it can be processed, and no network connection needed. RapidEars is responsive enough that it can be used as a gaming input, and is great for any application that needs real time speech recognition and fast feedback and has a moderately-sized vocabulary.

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Try a free demo version of RapidEars


NeatSpeech is a plugin for OpenEars™ which gives it the ability to use fast, higher-quality voices which have little to no lag even when speaking extremely long statements. NeatSpeech handles all multithreading and queueing in the background so you can just keep feeding it text and it will just keep talking.

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Try a free demo version of NeatSpeech


RuleORama is a plugin for OpenEars™ which creates rules-based grammars using the same API as OpenEars’ dynamic grammar generation, but the grammars are fast enough for RapidEars to use and are faster even when used with OpenEars™. RuleORama lets you add rules-based recognition grammars to your realtime recognition applications.

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Try a free demo version of RuleORama


Rejecto is an out-of-vocabulary rejection plugin for OpenEars™. A general issue in offline speech recognition is words and noises being heard which aren’t in the app’s vocabulary and the app trying to interpret them as words that it knows. Rejecto improves accuracy by recognizing and rejecting sounds that it doesn’t know.

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Try a free demo version of Rejecto


SaveThatWave is a plugin for OpenEars™ which adds the new ability to record WAV audio files from speech perceived by PocketsphinxController without blocking and to receive notifications of successful write-out of the audio file including the path of the recording. It also wraps up deleting one or all of the recorded files and includes the logic for handling suspending/resuming and recording. Great if you also want to upload speech to a cloud service.

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Just a few of the great apps made with OpenEars™

Blackbox is a 'refreshingly oppressive puzzle app' with 'constant how-did-they-do-that moments', ranked #1 free puzzle game in 8 countries. Think you're clever?

SuperCoco teaches Spanish through fun conversations – learn hands-free while you're doing other things.

PixelTone is a prototype image editor for the iPad by Adobe Research and the University of Michigan.

Speech Adventure is an app for speech therapy for children born with cleft palates from UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis with sponsorship from Politepix.

Ubooly iPhone/iPod Smart Toy: Adopt An Ubooly And Turn Your iPhone Into A Cuddly Critter.

Cooking Planit Bring Your Kitchen Chaos Into Cooking Harmony: Your Very Own Personal Kitchen Assistant!

QuickCart The application which lets you manage your shopping lists in a smart and easy way!


Help with OpenEars™

There is free public support for OpenEars™ in the OpenEars Forums, and you can also purchase private email support at the Politepix Shop. Most OpenEars™ questions are answered in the OpenEars support FAQ.