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    I have started having trouble building the sample app. With no changes, fresh out of the box, I get three dependency errors.

    1) None of your accounts are a member of ”: An unexpected error occurred. Xcode cannot find a team matching ”.
    2) No profiles for ‘com.politepix.OpenEarsSampleAppSwift’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find a provisioning profile matching ‘com.politepix.OpenEarsSampleAppSwift’.
    3) Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.3’

    These errors only occur when I try to build and run on my iPhone. Building and running on the simulator passes. Is this an Xcode problem on my part, or is it something I’m missing about OpenEars?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Halle Winkler


    These are general Xcode code signing errors because you are building an app for an SDK that requires code signing, but the app hasn’t yet been set to use your code signing identity. If you navigate to the General information pane of the app target you will see various code signing settings that would need to be configured to match your own developer identity or team identity which will let you then build an app when set.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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